Convicted ZAOGA elder, Masimba Mukuviri, says his wife framed him

In a sad story that can bring tears to many eyes, a ZAOGA elder from Hwedza, Masimba Mukuviri, said he is serving a 16 year sentence at Chikurubi Maximum Prison God a crime he did not commit.

Masimba, said he and his wife, and their four year old daughter were sharing a bed and this is how his problems started.

Masimba said on a certain day, his wife went to take the child from the creche and did not return. She went to Harare and stayed with his son, and said he was abusing their daughter.

Masimba was eventually arrested and was found guilty of the abuse. However, he maintains his innocence and says as a respectable member of society, he could not have done such a thing.

Masimba said he and his wife had 6 boys, and the little girl is a miracle child that they had in their old age.

He was sentenced in 2018.

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