The International Commission Jurists has urged the Zimbabwean authorities to allow for detained Member of Parliament, Joana Mamombe to be returned to hospital in order for her to receive essential medical care.


Last week, Mamombe who is a member of parliament under Chamisa’s MDC Alliance was rushed from Chikurubu prison to hospital after complaining about illness.

However it ended in tears after she was forcefully dismissed from the hospital against a doctor’s advice that she remain under medical care at Parktown Hospital.

Prison officials forced her to leave by prison officials who returned her to prison.

A video shared widely on social media shows an ailing and frustrated Mamombe, stating that she was in pain and would not leave the hospital as she just received injections.


“The Zimbabwean prison officials have abandoned their primary obligation to ensure the humane treatment of a person in its custody. They have failed Joana Mamombe in refusing to provide her access to medical care and treatment, and placed her life and well-being in jeopardy,” said Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh, ICJ Africa director.