Zimbabwean socialite and businesswoman Susan Mutami says Central Intelligence Officer Isaac Moyo is a murderer.

She revealed this after confirming that she is suing Kazembe Kazembe, police commissioner-general Godwin Matanga and Isaac Moyo for illegal arrest.

Mutami was arrested on 18 February 2021 at the Robert Mugabe International Airport while she was in the company of her four-year-old son.

Mutami further declared that anything to do with abductions and torture it is Isaac Moyo.

Mutami Tweeted:

Anything to do with abductions and torture it’s Isaac Moyo. I see you people accusing Mudha kuti mhondi do you know that being a minister is just a ceremonial post the day to day operations of the org are done by Isaac Moyo. Ndo Mhondi yenyika.

he’s a criminal and a murderer. Ma army General apedzwa na Isaac Moyo. Covid munoiziva imimi? What he did to my son is unforgivable kana 50k haiporesi ronda rangu riri mumoyo. I can’t fight him back nezvibhakera bt nyaya dzake ndodzitaura dzese.

Ndine ma secrets Eku Joint Operations Command inini. Musandiita mushoma. akandijairira Isaac Moyo na Kazembe Kazembe wake pamwana wangu. Do u pple really think ED anenge achiziva abt ma pending abductions evanhu. He’s tired of Isaac Moyo ipo paya.