A secret recording of former South African President, Jacob Zuma, has been leaked by unknown people on YouTube.

In the recording, Zuma says :

Some of you have followed me abroad, to talk to people and met friends that I know to plead with them that they must not support me, and some of those are my friends… they have told me. 

That proves that it is not an accidental behavior.

Just to quote one, so that you don’t say I’m just making allegations..

I went to Qatar. And the first issue, my friend, who’s the Emir there, who is my friend, told me that your country has been sending messages to say I must not meet you.

And that very morning. Mandla Mandela was there, having been given a special jet to fly there to try to stop the Emir not to meet me.

It came from his mouth, not to me.

And he said, I said, but have nothing to do with internal affairs of  South Africa, you’re my friend. You’re coming to me as my friend.

He is not the only him , quite a number of heads of states have said similar things. And you must realize that what I’m saying here, I’m not just being funny.

When I say you have neglected me, its actually an understatement.

You have worked hard to stop me from getting anything to help me, on my side,

You will appreciate why, therefore, I take this line that perhaps this meeting, so many other things have been happening, nobody has ever wanted to meet me and sit down to discuss those matters.

Only when I say, I’m not going to this commission, and as I will explain later., you will also realize that I am correct by so doing.

No one can face the title, that I am about to face, without the resources. but because I am Jacob Gadleyihlekisa Mhkanganyelwa, only me, I’m going to face it.

But my own comrades have facilitated that I must be suffocated. Financially, so that I am buried once and for all, for crimes that I did not commit.

Fortunately, and with no resources, with my lawyers. I will fight to prove my innocence.

And we will endeavor to reveal who the criminala are, in our movement. 

Please watch the video above this post for more details.