Tatelicious Slams Hopewell Chin’ono for forcing celebs to be involved in Politics

Queen Tatelicious slammed Hopewell Chin’ono for forcing people to Interfere into Zimbabwe’s politics.

Tatelicious said Hopewell should know that Zimbabwe’s politics is deadly and one interferes willingly.

This comes after Chin’ono claimed that the likes of Madam Boss are useless because they have zero consciousness when it comes to nation building.

She added that it is not wrong that Madam Boss chose entertainment rather than journalism and politics thus Chin’ono should stop criticising those without political zeal.

Tate said Hopewell has not done anything for the country yet he is busy criticising those pursing their dreams.

She also revealed that Chin’ono is gay. He had intimate relationships with other inmates while at Chikurubi maximum prison.

Tate said real man include Evan Mawarire who has played a bigger role in trying to change the future of Zimbabwe.