Nkosana Moyo Reveals His Last Meeting with Mugabe

Former Zimbabwe Minister of commerce and international trade and APA President, Dr Nkosana Moyo, spoke to Trevor Ncube this morning.

Moyo spoke about his last meeting with Mugabe, in which he handed him his resignation letter.

Key points from the discussion.

1. Moyo said he is turning 70 in August.

2.Moyo said he was on the board of Triangle Sugar (with Simba Makoni), his brother in law Shingi Mutasa called him and told him he was going to be appointed a minister.

3.Moyo said he was announced as a minister by Mugabe and no one had talked to him about it.

4. After the announcement, Moyo said he tried to get an appointment to talk to Mugabe.

5. After two weeks he finally got an appointment with Mugabe at ZANU Head office.

6. As he walked in Mugabe laughed and said : ‘We Ambushed you, didn’t we?’

7. Mugabe said to Moyo, in light of what you have been writing, I figured if an opportunity arose for you to serve your country you would take it.

8. Mugabe told him he would do something different.

9. Moyo said in Mugabe’s cabinet, there were 8 unelected technocrats.

10. Mugabe persuaded him to take the job.

11. When he was in cabinet, Moyo said he was the only minister who actually presented a strategic document at cabinet.

12. The strategy that he presented was discussed and it was accepted.

13. Moyo said he got the feeling that the strategy was not emotionally accepted.

14. After 10 months he left.

15.Moyo said after 10 years, Moyo met Mnangagwa at a WAF meeting.

16. Moyo said Mnangagwa asked him why he left government before talking to him.

17. Moyo said Mnangagwa asked him if he could see that the Zimbabwe government was now trying to do the things he had suggested in his strategy document.

18. Speaking on his relationship with Mugabe, Moyo said Mugabe was difficult to read. Moyo said during his last meeting with Mugabe, he said something provocative to Mugabe. Mugabe sat there silently and did not respond.

19. Moyo says he believes Mugabe respected his mind.

20. Moyo said if he went into cabinet and did not speak, Mugabe would want to know what he thought.

21. Mugabe was perhaps curious.

22. Moyo said he was probably appointed as a pre-emptive move because he was making a lot of noises.

23. Moyo said post his time, Mugabe’s government likely started engaging with his ideas.

24. Moyo said he left because his presence was not making a difference.

25. As an example, he said he received a visit from China, from executives from a Cement factory.

26. During the meeting with these executives with Mugabe, Moyo says he asked Mugabe if he could meet with him outside working hours.

27. When he met Mugabe for over 2 hours, Moyo said he asked Mugabe to change his approach to the land issue.

28. Moyo asked Mugabe to Appoint a white commercial farmer to be Made’s deputy. Because this would get the buy in of white farmers.

29. Mugabe stopped and thought and said he had exhausted his technocrats appointments.

30. Mugabe said he would make the appointments that Moyo suggested of a white commercial farmer as an advisor in the President’s office.

31. However, Mugabe never made the appointment.

32. Moyo said Mugabe’s Amadoda sibili statement was false.

33. Moyo said he did not run away.

34. He had a last meeting with Mugabe in which he resigned.

35. In that last meeting, he told Mugabe that , he thought Mugabe cared about the country, but his actions made it look like he didn’t care and his legacy would be damaged. Mugabe did not respond and just looked at him.

36. Moyo said he handed Mugabe his resignation letter but Mugabe refused to accept it.

37. Mugabe asked him to stay and said the reasons he was giving for leaving are the same reasons why he appointed him.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.