Apostle Ian Ndlovu has given a testimony of how he survived severe Covid-19 symptoms on the 31st of December while preparing for the cross over sermon.

In a testimony on Sunday, Dr Ian said in the evening of the new year’s eve he started sweating and experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains.

He said the did the video for the cross over while standing because he did not have the power to stand.

The man of God said he prayed for guidance from the holy spirit and he was instructed to continue ministering even in his weakness.

After ministering, Ndlovu said he was very weak and the following day he had a very serious cough thus he decided to go for testing with his wife who got sick earlier than him.

Apostle Ian said he and his wife tested positive for Covid-19. On the 6th of January his wife started getting better however, he worsened and spend most of his days in doors.

Pastor Ndlovu said God utilized Doctor Chimedze to help them deal with the deadly virus thus it was not only prayer which helped them but medical attention.

He added that God activated intercessors especially Kenyans who revealed that something was wrong with him however they failed to detect what was wrong.

Ndlovu said the experience was very terrible thus he had to plead with God to grant him more time for the sake of his two children.

Ndlovu said his wife played a greater role in taking care of him thus they went for a second test on the 13th of January and the results came out negative.

The man of God said he is very thankful for what God did to them because they suffered so much from the deadly virus.