STRANGE : Gweru Police Left Armed Shooter At Flat Before The Shooting

In a new twist to the Gweru love triangle shooting, the daughter of one of the shooting victims has revealed that police came to the flat , where two people were later shot dead, before the shooting, and left without disarming the shooter, Peter Dube.

Dube, who fled the scene after the shooting, has not handed himself over to the police.

Dube shot Nyaradzo Nharingo (34), Nyasha Nharingo (31), Shelton Chinhango, and Gamu Mudungwe (31) on Thursday around 2am- resulting in the death of Shelton and Gamu at the scene.

Nyaradzo’s sixteen year old daughter told the Sunday News that Dube, came and held her and a toddler hostage at around 8pm. He also fired the maid and paid her $50 before announcing that he would be moving the family of his second wife (Nyasha) to Senga suburb.

When Nyasha, Nyaradzo, Shelton and Gamu arrived at around 11pm, Peter ordered Nyasha to pack up her belongings and leave the flat that he was renting for her, as he was accusing her of cheating on him with Shelton.

Police arrived at the scene after Peter let the kids out and left without taking his gun.

Peter shot the four soon thereafter.

The 16 year old girl said Gamu Mudungwe was shot when she tried to restrain Peter from shooting her as she ran away.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday News – 25 April 2021.