Newzroom Afrika reports that Sandton Mall was evacuated this evening after a bomb threat was received.

Danny Zulu, who was present when the mall was evacuated said:

I arrived at approximately six o’clock, and we got here it was an amazing party.

EMS from Johannesburg arrived and said everybody has to evacuate immediately. So everybody came outside and we’ve been standing outside for the past about 40 minutes, just waiting to find out what’s happening.

However, EMS have also standing outside so we aren’t sure, other people are still inside on the fourth floor, so I’m not too sure about what is happening, but so far and they’re standing outside.

Everyone is waiting. And yeah, that’s what I can tell you for now.

In the beginning I think none of us took them seriously and we thought or maybe it’s like a trick or something like that but then eventually realized the severity and the gravity of the case, and we all began to move at a quick pace. So it was a bit of a scuffle getting out  but everybody made it out safely, and everyone seems to be okay and no injuries.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.