Zimbabwean Woman Who Spent 40 Years With Mermaids Moves Long Distances Mysteriously

She does not eat animals with four legs

Drewmas Media returned to Mwenezi to follow up on the story of the mwenezi woman who spent 40 years with Mermaids.

Locals who spoke with Derwwmas Media said Rowai came back as a young woman and she is not aged.

Neighbors said at the moment, Rowai was sent to Chipinge where she is living with the female traditional healer who took her out of the water.

A neighbor said Rowai only eats millet meal. He said she arrived at her brother ‘s house, before she moved back to her father’s house. He said she is still unable to talk.

However, after a few days she disappeared and went back to Zaka. She disappears mysteriously and can travel vast distanced without using a car.

Many people have expectations that she will become a great traditional healer.

Rowai’s sister in law denied the allegations made by the neighbors. She said Rowai can talk and is eating normal food.

Please watch the video above this post for details.