PROPHECY REMINDER : Zimbabwe to have a new Vice President – Prophet Advocate Joshua

In a stunningly accurate prophecy given in 2020, Prophet Advocate Joshua revealed that Zimbabwe would have a new Vice President.

Prophet Advocate Joshua said :

I saw another Vice President, the Elise was sudden. And as I saw it, there was someone trying to call me from a very hight office, wanting to tell me that what you said in months past has been fulfilled.

Why that man is going to rise to the position of Vice President, I don’t know, let me not say a man. Could it be a woman? Could it be Aman?

The Spirit of the Lord. But this is going to be talked about, is going to be the vice president who’s going to be talked about the most, more than any other vice president in Zimbabwe.

So these arise. Right now when you look at that person they are already in office in their own spirit, but the haven’t yet, assumed that office in the physical, but there are events that should proceed that person’s occupation of that particular office.

So pray that the Lord blesses you with understanding of this word. So I also saw in the realm of the Spirit….

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