Popular Zimbabwean socialite, Lorraine Guyo (23), last night revealed that she is deeply in love with her new boyfriend after her traumatic experience with Thomas Chizhanje.

Speaking in a wide ranging interview with Miss V Candy on Instagram, Lorraine said her boyfriend respects her and is supportive of a career.

She revealed that he allows her to have her own space and is not jelousy.

Although he is not a social media person, Loraine says she still gives him the respects he deserves.

She concluded by saying to other women that there are many men out there and everyone will eventually find love.

Turning to the death of her mother, Lorraine broke down during the interview and cried on the live.

Lorraine said grief is something that everyone will deal with in  life and talking about it can inspire and motivate others to share their heartbreak and help them in their recovery process.

“It is not easy to get over the death of my Mom, 2017 feels like a long time but I believe healing is a process and with time I might get there though sometimes I feel healed   but when I think of her the pain is so unbearable, it feels she passed on today,” she said.

She added: Inasmuch as, I am hurting right now I think she is at a better place.My Mom suffered she was in and out of the hospital and she had 10 operations.

Lorraine also opened up about her relationship with her mother.

“My Mom was my best friend, we could talk about anything, losing her made me realise how important she was in my life that is why I don’t like talking about her because I am still healing. Maybe the kind of relationship we had is slowing the healing process but with time I believe I will get there.”

Lorraine’s mother passed on in 2017 after being sick for many years.She succumbed to fibroids.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.