A self-styled prophet and son of a prominent church pastor Ezekiel Chivasa was on Saturday humiliated in Budiriro after his ex-wife Jacqueline Mbangami disrupted the wedding.

Mbangami 25, appeared at the wedding accompanied with her relatives when Bishop Jerdan Paradise was about to allow the two to say their wedding vows in holy matrimony and presented her issues to the marriage officer.

“DJ can you increase music volume to allow me attend to this issue before we move on with our wedding vows,” Bishop Paradise announced.

Bishop Paradise, after agreeing with Mbangani and Chivasa family, brought smiles back to the guests that the wedding was going on as the families had met for way forward.

H metro reports that among the Chivasa family members who attended the meeting with Mbangani family was musician Jonah Chivasa who revealed that he became aware of the issue as the wedding date was almost approaching.

“To be honest I only learnt of Ezekiel’s child with Jacqueline on the last hour and we had agreed as a family to move the wedding date but preparation costs carried the day,” said Chivasa.

“We nearly cancelled the wedding date and his unresolved issues have left us with egg on face especially for my father who is a pastor and myself as a musician”.