Makandiwa Reveals how he Healed a Young Girl in America for us$9600

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has revealed that he doesn’t visit his sick and troubled followers because he has the power to command.

Speaking during this week’s sunday service which was broadcast live, Prophet Makandiwa described a miracle that happened recently in which a young Zimbabwean girl who was in America was healed after he prayed when he was in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Makandiwa said:

She fell from a double storey at a mall. She leaned against the glass, maybe it was broken before, but she fell from there and fell down straight and hit the concrete.

And she collapsed, like she was dead.

And she was in a coma for more than two months.

She was not responding to anything.

And these are Zimbabweans living in the United States of America, and the owners of the shopping mall are doing everything to help them meet the bills, because they are responsible if something like that happens out there, you get sued and you lose quite a lot of money.

And this is all that they do, making sure that they are by the bedside, making sure that she recovers.

This little girl is there, over two months, no word , not even the movement of a finger.

It gets to a point where they now have to switch off the life support systems , because they’re not seeing any signs of life.

Prophet Makandiwa says the parents met with the hospital and asked for one more week.

Two days after that request was met, the mother of the daughter came to me in a dream and $9,600 to me.

Now, the father of the daughter flew into Zimbabwe and checked into the Life Haven and then he presented that amount of money, he gave me, $9,600.

He told me this was what his wife had seen in a dream, but unfortunately she couldn’t come.

Notice they are not here to buy a miracle.

You can not buy a miracle, because it is too expensive.

As for hospital bills, at least they had somebody else who was doing it for them (the mall was paying the hospital bill) , so maybe they’d saved this money for something else…

I’m right there, it is on camera because cameras are running, cameras are running.

So the father came in, and then after like five minutes or so, he went out.

When I was done talking to another person, I heard that man wanted to come back and see me.

He came back and he had his wife on the phone.

She had also received a call from the hospital and the doctor said their daughter was awake.

Bye now the little girl is asking a question:

Where is mom? Please call my mom.

But she’s telling the doctors.

I know you cant call my dad because he must be in Zimbabwe, and she is just from a coma.

He must be in Zimbabwe.

In now the wife is telling the husband, I’ve just received a call, it’s unusual nurses are telling me its very strange…

They never discussed that in the hospital now.

The wife, rushed to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital now. This little girl began to explain.

She said, I was in a very very far country and I knew that if something was done, I was going to be restored back into my body, but I had no way of telling you what to do.

And she mentioned, the exact figure.

She said, I saw that in the house, there was $9,600.

And if only you could sow that into the kingdom of God.

I was going to be restored back into my body, but I didn’t know how to communicate that with you.

You need to understand what is happening here, the mother just had a dream and the daughter ismentioning the exact figure that the father has brought!

Please watch the video above this post for more details.