A former SA Rugby player, Lindani Myeni, was killed by police after he punched two policemen according to police reports and video footage from one of the two policemen who responded to the incident.

Police responded to a residence and found a man behaving strangely while sitting in a parked car.

The sequence of events leading to the shooting as described by police are that :

Myeni had entered a house in Nuuanu and spoken to the residents, who were unknown to him, after which he left and went to sit in his car.

The residents at the house called police to report a burglary and pointed  Myeni out to the police.

The first policeman at the scene had his bodycam off, and only footage from the second officer is available.

Bodycam footage shows Myeni walking in a driveway asking: where you at? where you at?

Myeni can then be seen standing next to the first officer while the second officer approaches, shouting, Get Down!

Myeni asks Why?, and a fight breaks up with Myeni punching both officers before he is shot four times during the scuffle.