The Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Honourable Kazembe Kazembe has assured the nation of guaranteed security and safety during the country’s 41st independence celebrations.

Addressing the members of the media fraternity, Hon Kazembe urged Zimbabweans to freely conduct all lawful activities in a peaceful manner and to be mindful of COVID-19 regulations.

“COVID-19 knows no boundary, creed, status or religion. In this regard, Zimbabweans should observe and comply with the Government of Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols,” said Kazembe.

He further added that the country can only fight this invisible enemy if people remain united.

“May I reiterate His Excellency, President E.D Mnangagwa’s message that no gatherings will be allowed during this independence holiday,” he added.

Kazembe Kazembe further urged the public to continue prioritizing the wearing of face masks, practicing social distancing and sanitization at all times.

“Social gatherings which include churches and funerals should strictly observe the stipulated maximum of people,” he said.

The Minister expressed concern over church and funeral gatherings which he said are openly exceeding the stipulated figure of 50.

“Some church congregants and mourners are reportedly clashing with the police who are obviously coming in to disperse gatherings which in most cases are exceeding 1 000. These are a conduit for COVID-19 super-spreaders. The law will take its course without fear or favour on such errant gatherings which expose the public to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He also warned political activists, individuals and civic organizations who are being fronted by MDC Alliance and have openly threatened to engage in a series of illegal demonstrations dubbed “The Winter Jest” that the Police and other Security Services will be on high alert and ready to defend the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.