A same-sex couple is fighting against a court case seeking to grant the sperm donor of their child access to the 4-year old boy.

The sperm donor wishes to be a part of the child’s life he helped bring into the world.

However, the parents of the child do not want the “father” to be part of the four-year-old boy’s life.

The court reserved judgement in the case, what makes it difficult to rule on is what is most important in a case like, what are the rights of the child?

The sperm donor does not wish to have custody of the child, he just wants to be part of the 4-year-old boy’s life according to eNCA.

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However, the same-sex couple who gave were able to conceive due to the donor’s sperm are not happy with the idea of the donor seeing their child or giving him gifts.

They had allowed the “father” access to the child for four years but now want that arrangement to end and only did it out so a sense of obligation.

They felt obligated to allow the donor access but they want the gifts and visits to end. Both parties legal teams are sure their cases are winnable.