Popular Zimbabwean Comedian Tyra Chikocho popularly known as Madam Boss has urged people facing abuse to speak up.

The comedian landed a role in the Nigerian series titled Offsprings and she has revealed that her role in the series is to be a woman facing abuse.

The former gospel singer wrote on Facebook:

I Have decided to celebrate my birthday today with those being persecuted and suffer mentally, physically and financially through domestic violance. Whilst i celebrate my birth, at 36 and i am a proud daughter, wife, mother and a brand to be recogned , other fellow women cannot celebrate as they are brutally traumatised as a result of domesric violance. If you are going through domestic violance jut know that today is the day that i have decided to wish you well as you suffer silently due to reasons known to yourself.

**Speak up ,speak up and i say speak up!**

Antony Munjaro you are a renowed actor and on these pictures yoy looked like a real abuser, i now understand why you are trendy and outstanding.

Of course, our director Henry Obidi, you are part of my 36th birthday. You have kept me on the map, its gonna be historical.

Today I stand with you all and I again i say