A 29-year-old Zimbabwean woman reportedly drowned her newly born baby girl in a 20-litre bucket of boiling water in South Africa last month.

Wendy Tapiwa Chipo of Rietfonten reportedly tried to abort when she was still pregnant but failed.

Chipo who is facing murder charges was remanded in custody after she abandoned her bail application and her trial date has been set for May 14 at the Brits Magistrates Court in Gauteng province.

National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) spokesperson for North Gauteng, Lumka Mahanjana said the offense was committed on March 16.

It is alleged that Chipo tried to abort her baby, when that failed and the baby came out alive, she dipped her in a 20-litre bucket of boiling water.

Further allegations are that she then put the body in a plastic bag. Together with her friend, they went to bury the baby at a bush near where she stays in Sunnyway Village in Rietfonten.

The Chronicle reports that soon after concealing the alleged murder, Chipo asked her friend not to tell anyone about the offense. On March 17, Chipo’s friend who could no longer keep the secret reported the matter to the police.

She also took the police to the shallow grave and the remains were recovered. Chipo was arrested a day later while on the run to Pretoria.