Prophet Black Elisha has given an urgent prophecy concerning Somizi Mhlongo .

The prophet said in a vision he saw Somizi being rushed to a hospital ,and God told him that he is having a depression and he might overdose .

The prophet urged people to people to pray for him .

“I want us to pray for Somizi Mhlongo, I saw him rushed into a hospital then God said this guy is having a challenge of depression,” said the prophet.

This comes at a time when depression has just claimed the life of South Africa’s most decorated rapper’s wife Aka and overdose has claimed the life of the iconic hip hop star DMX.

He also mentioned that he is having sleepless nights as he is going through a lot in his life.

Somizi has been rumored to be divorcing with his partner Mohale but despite all these he just looks fine on social media and has appeared in a couple of public videos enjoying himself.