A video of popular Zimbabwean socialite, Monalisa Chavura, has surfaced where she exains how she got her name 1Njuzu (Mermaid).

In the video which we’d filmed when she was still in Zimbabwe , Monalisa says:

Hi my name is Monalisa Chavura. I’m 27 years old. I’m a single mother to an 8 Year old boy.

I’m so excited that you actually send me a DM on Instagram, telling me that you’re interested in me, to advertise me for South African gigs.

Acting has always came naturally to me. I know I was born to be an actor.

The Njuzu thing, I need to explain it to you.

It’s an ancestral calling. I was born with this natural gift of having dreams and visions and all that.

I would help people, sometimes with their own callings. Sometimes, I would guide people  and tell them things that are going to happen ahead.

Well it’s not a bad thing, it’s a natural gift of helping people.

I was born with it and I can’t run away from it.

So this is why I call myself 1Njuzu , which is the shorter name, it means mermaid. So I have this mermaid spiritual calling.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.