Popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has fir the first time revealed how he made his wealth.

Writing on his Facebook page, Chin’ono said :

I had a great education, I have health insurance, I live in a decent home, and I drive nice cars. Above all, I have had a great rewarding career!

I bought my home in Chisipite when I was 29 years of age!

When I was 40 my future was financially secure. 

I left Zimbabwe when I was 21 years old to study in England and America!

I did that on my own, looking for scholarships and plane fares.

I only told my parents when I was leaving…

Chin’ono is a successful boer goat farmer and has made successful films that have been aired on international channels.

He has worked for international media houses before returning to Zimbabwe, where he has became a prominent political activist.