“I have never Benefited from the land reform programme”- Kuda Musasiwa

Entrepreneur and farmer Kuda Musasiwa has revealed that he did not benefit from the land reform programme.

This comes after social media claims that he is where he is because of the land reform programme.

“I keep getting mentioned by the usual crabs in a bucket who are unhappy that @terrymap1 has been empowered by the Government. So let me officially make some things clear: I have NEVER in my life received or benefited from land reform. Neither have any of my parents or wife’s”

Posting on twitter, Kuda said the fresh farm is not politically affiliated, it is privately owned.

“The Fresh Farm is privately owned. Fresh in a Box is privately owned. Non of our shareholders are politicians on either side of the political divide. They can not take away what they haven’t given you. Let’s congratulate and stop the bitterness and pull-Down syndrome!”