How To Produce Sweet Potatoes For The Export Market From Zimbabwe

Wadzanayi Manyore spoke to Lorraine Dube and Augustine Maseura about producing sweet potatoes for the export market on her show this week.

Maseura said sweet potatoes are a drought resistant crop which needs only $5000 per hectare to produce between 30 and 60 tones of harvest.

Maseura said the crop needs moisture for the first 6 weeks, after which the crop is self sustaining.

Lorraine Dube said sweet potato is in demand in the export market because it is healthy and is richer in vitamin A.

However, for the export market, there are certifications required (Good Agricultural Practices).

A consultant may be required to make sure that all the requirements are met for the export market.

Lorraine said for each $1 spent, a profit of $2.50 can be achieved.

Lorraine is from Greenstone foods and Maseura is from Easi seeds.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.