PROPHECY: Mnangagwa to Impose Intensive Lockdown- Prophet Advocate Joshua

Prophet Advocate Joshua says he saw Emmerson Mnangagwa impose an unprecedented lockdown that will affect the whole of Zimbabwe affected.

He said police will be very brutal, harrasing and beating and violating people in as far as their rights are concerned.

“So it is our duty as a country, and also as a people to pray regarding the politics of our country and also to pray regarding the governments of our country.

It is in that regard, that I implore the nation of Zimbabwe, especially the political leaders to pray so that nothing amiss, is able to come on, which could be deleterious to the general public itself.

“So, I’m praying for this particular country, Zimbabwe, because I saw the police department’s being on the populace, because they were trying to enforce a lockdown which has never been precedented before”, he said.