MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says the government should pay civil servants in United States dollars.

Posting on twitter, Chamisa said it is cruel to pay civil service salaries in worthless RTGS.

When the economy has dollarized with fuel,toll gates, passports being charged in US$, it is not only illogical but outrightly cruel to pay civil service salaries in worthless RTGS!! Pay decent wages! Maintain people’s right to dignity”, he said.

The Public sector workers two weeks ago rejected a staggered 70 pay increase offered by the government.

The Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) has warned that all its 12 affiliated unions including health workers and teachers would now work just two days a week.

Meanwhile, public service Professor Paul Mavhima said the government’s “technical teams” would be meeting on Monday “to see if there are variations and also if there are adjustments to be made.”

“We want the civil servants to give the technical team a chance and also the negotiations a chance before they start talking about declaring incapacitation. Before we declare complete impasse and go into arbitration, they need to give room for the technical team to do their work and also give negotiations a chance.”