A South African nan who was recruited under false pretenses to Oman has returned safely after the intervention of the South African government.

Athenkosi Dyonta, from Thembalethu in George, thought he had found his dream job as a batista on a Facebook group. In February, he jetted off with much celebration and was put into a quarantine in a hotel fid seven days.

The local community and family members helped him to raise money for the air ticket.

However on arrival at his new job, Dyonta was kept in a room and was made to work as a domestic worker.

Dyonta said he lived in a room with another foreigner and their documentats were taken away.

Eventually, Dyonta managed to escape to a local police station.

The police were not very helpful and a ransom had to be paid by the South African government to secure his safe return.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.