Adebayor And Dillish Mathews Are Back Together

Togolese soccer star, Emmanuel Adebayor and Big Brother 8 winner, Dillish Mathews, are reportedly back together.

Sources reveal that Dillish recently visited a friend in Ghana and Adebayor asked the friend to arrange a meeting with her.

Both Dillish and Adebayor shared pictures in the same salon on the same day in Ghana.

It is a strange coincidence that Adebayor would travel from Turkey and Dillish would be in the same saloon on the same day!

Adebayor ‘s ex girlfriend, Geneva Crow also seemed to confirm that the two are back together.

Similarly Adebayor’ s other ex girlfriend, Brianna seemed to confirm the same.

The news that the two are back together comes as a shock to many as they broke up after Adebayor accused Dillish of cheating.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.