Few years ago Magaya was ranked number 23 among the 50 richest Zimbabweans by a company called X Research and Intelligence.

In 2015, the Prophet is said to have announced that he was set to roll out at 10 billion US dollar project, which included a number of partners, including his company Yadah TV.

Magaya has yet again tangled himself in another small scale mining related controversy.

Through his company Yadah Connect Magaya reportedly took money equipment, worthy over 30,000 US dollars early in 2020 on credit from reputable small scale miners equipment supplier Matabeleland engineering, which he is reportedly dodging.

According to the company. Magaya should have paid his debt in full by June 2020.

The company approached him with yet another payment plan, which he failed to honour, citing lockdown challenges.

They then extended payment dates, in which he had to repay it by 28 August 2020, however Magaya could not pay it again

The company, therefore resorted to giving Magaya an ultimatum, in which they threatened to take him to the courts of law if he fails to pay for the balance.

In 2015 Magaya was rumoured to have interest in purchasing shares of a premier soccer league side Gunners FC, who are currently in a crisis of relegation.

He went on to start broadcasting, his team on the famous Yadah TV, which saw the team inheriting the nickname, Yadah Gunners.

Magaya promised to bring success to the club that he supported in his boyhood and expresses his plans to complete the construction of a multimillion dollar state of the art multi Sports Complex in waterfalls.

He also expresses that he also wants to help the national football teams, both financially and spiritually.