Milicent Chiminya says she is revealing her HIV Status for the first time after 21 years.

Millicent said she was born HIV positive 21 years ago.

Key points

1. Millicent found out she was HIV Positive soon after her O Levels.

2. She was always sick as a child and had TB and chest infections.

3. When she was 9, her father fell very sick and her mother suggested that they must be tested.

4. Her father refused for her to be put on treatment as he said HIV was not real.

5. After Her father died, she was put on ARVs.

6. After visiting her grandmother, she was informed that her father had died of HIV.

7. When she went back home, she asked her mother about the cause of her father’s death.

8. After her mother told her the truth she ran away and went to South Africa. She was 17.

9. She stayed in South Africa for 3 years.

10. When she got to South Africa, she stayed with her boyfriend who had his business there. She was in denial. Her boyfriend enrolled her into a beauty therapy course.

11. In 2019 her viral load got very high as she stopped taking her treatment.

12. She came back to Zimbabwe very sick and suffering from TB.

13. When she returned to Zimbabwe, she finally accepted her HIV status.

14. She went to hospital where she was treated for HIV.  She met someone who counselled her.

15. She started to attend the support group.

16. Eventually, she started to be an HIV counselor herself.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.