Former Zimbabwean Minister of Local government and G40 kingpin , Savior Kasukuwere, spoke to Trevor Ncube on his YouTube Channel this morning.

Key Points From the discussion

1. On the 16th of November 2017, there was a cabinet meeting.

2. Key members of the cabinet did not attend.

3. During the cabinet meeting, they received information that there was a troop build up around Harare.

4. People in intelligent circles told him there would be an attack at his house that night.

5. Moyo asked to come to Kasukuwere ‘s House.

6. As they were watching television, they saw the announcement by soldiers.

7. At about 2am they decided to sleep. Kasukuwere was sleeping in his boardroom on the sofa.

8. At 215 am there was a loud bang at the gate and there was a burst of Gunfire.

9. The children came out of their bedrooms.

10. Kasukuwere put on his bullet proof.

11. Kasukuwere went and stood at the door and asked the kids to go and hide under the beds.

12. There was sustained gunfire.

13. Kasukuwere said after 15 minutes the gunfire stopped.

14. They decided to take the children to Mugabe’s house.

15. Kasukuwere and Moyo left for Mozambique and crossed through the bush.

16. Kasukuwere met a young man who knew him from Mt Darwin.

17. The young man arranged a car for them to travel across Mozambique.

18. The trip took over 4 hours.

19. They got to the main road in Tete and they were very hungry.

20. They went to a shop and wanted to buy tinned fish, drinks and bread.

21. The guy in the shop recognized hin. The guy was from Zimbabwe. The guy gave them his car and they drove to Tete.

22. They went into the hotel in Tete.

23. They proceeded to Maputo where they met President Nyusi.

23. Nyusi wanted to know what was happening.

24. Kasukuwere said after a few days they decided to leave after being warned that an attack was Imminent.

25. Kasukuwere says he regrets the events that led to the attack and the in discipline in his Faction.

26. Kasukuwere says he takes responsibility for his part in the events leading up to operation restore legacy.

27. Too much power around Mugabe led to the problem.

28. Kasukuwere said the winner take all politics in Zimbabwe is a problem.

29. Kasukuwere said he does not have personal differences with Mnangagwa.

30. Kasukuwere said as the National Commissar, he had a duty to follow the constitution of the party.

31. Kasukuwere was also accused of trying to remove Mugabe.

32. Kasukuwere said he was naive and was moving as a cadre of the party.

33. Kasukuwere said he worked with Mnangagwa during the campaign. He had a weekly briefing with both vice presidents of the party.

34. Kasukuwere said the political Commissar is the nerve centre of the party.

35. Kasukuwere said when he saw the huge marches on the street, it was tragic. Anyone who loses power, there will be people on the street. It can be used as a basis to say there will be stability thereafter.


Please watch the video above this post for more details.