An angry Ghanaian Sangoma Nana Kwaku Bonsam has blamed Bushiri for the death of Israella Bushiri.

The Sangoma says he warned Bushiri on 11 March while he was live on Facebook.

The powerful Sangoma also said he told Bushiri to do something in order to save Israella.

However, the Sangoma says Bushiri never listened to the advice that didn’t require payment.

“I was expecting you to do it but you didn’t listen to me on the 11th of March. I warned you several times that your daughter is needed more than everything in the world,” said the Sangoma.

“I’m crying. The day I heard that your daughter is dead, I cried a lot because Bushiri you didn’t listen. You think you are god, you are not god. Let me tell you. You think your god, you are not god,” added the angry Ghanaian Sangoma.

Israella Bushiri died at a hospital in Nairobi after days of admission.

The 8-year old was buried last Thursday in a funeral that was attended by Bushiri’s spiritual father, Uebert Angel and his wife among others.

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