Uebert Angel and Bushiri Spend Easter holiday at Salima lake in Malawi

Controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has shared pictures of himself and his family at Bulima lake in Malawi.

Posting on twitter, Bushiri said Prophet Uebert and Bebe Angel took his family to the lake for sometime off everything.

“I must say it was very refreshing, experiencing the divine nature of God ministering to us with its blazing scenery”, he Bushiri.

The spiritual son of Uebert Angel lost his daughter Israela recently after she battled with lung infection and she passed away in Kenya.

“We are being encouraged by so many people all over the world… My spiritual father, senior prophet Uebert Angel, mum Bebe are doing the best the can to see that our joy and happiness continues”

Bushiri has promised to bounce back after overcoming the hurdle ahead of him.