The bizarre burial of Robert Mugabe saw the former Zimbabwean leader interred in a steel-lined coffin under a layer of concrete on Saturday, following a bitter dispute over his resting place between government officials, traditional leaders and family members.

22 days after his death, Mugabe’s was finally buried next to his home in Kutama, his eldest nephew, Leo Mugabe, who played a central role in the prolonged burial drama.

Mugabe’s coffin, which brought his inbound body to Harare from Singapore, had to be changed for security reasons.

After the coffin was lowered into the ground in a private ceremony, close to the home, which Grace Mugabe had built after her marriage.

Mugabe’s family claimed that this was the burial place he had ultimately wanted, and they had spoken off in the last six months of his life in Singapore.

He had been ousted from Power by his longtime ally President Emerson Managua, amid various conflicting claims over his wishes.