DRC Prophet, Dominique Khonde, Makes Millions With Aids ‘Cure’ Juice.

Popular Congolese Prophet, Dominique Khonde, who has over a million followers across the world, is making millions with his special miracle juice that he claims can cure Aids and epilepsy and wake up kids from the dead.

The juice is made using gasoline, lemon juice and other ingredients, and what the prophet terms enlightenment.

Among Khonde’s followers are former Presidents and their spouses.

Khonde preaches the gospel of prosperity and healing, with many satisfied customers giving testimonials of how they were healed.

The Congolese government have allowed Khonde to sell his juice, and he now plans to start making the juice in a factory.

According to a DW documentary released this week, Congo now have over 600 millionaires.

Entrepreneurship is picking up in the country, driven by Coltrane mining, clean energy, financial services and retail trading.

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