A Zimbabwean working in Cabo Delgado in Mozambique is reportedly missing.

According to Hopewell Chinono, the name of the missing Zimbabwean is Celestino Joaquim Taluza.

Chinono further revealed that e worked for Alpha in the town of Palma that was won back by the Mozambican military few days ago.

“Mr Taluza has been missing since the attack in Palma a week ago,” tweeted Chinono.

Hundreds of militants stormed the Mozambique city of Palma on March 24 leaving a trail of death and destruction.

The attacks, claimed by Isis, have resulted in the deaths of dozens of locals and tourists with a British man thought to be among them.

It is believed that British national Philip Mawer was fleeing a hotel when he was killed by armed men.

A South African also died during the attack leading to Ramaphosa to deploy SANDF to assist the Mozambican army.