Prophet Makandiwa Source of Wealth Disclosed

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has lifted the lid on his wealth, disclosing that he is a businessman with investments on the London Stock Exchange.

Addressing people during the Billionaires Mindset Summit, Prophet Makandiwa said his income comes from business and not the church.

“It is believed that preachers everywhere make money through taking advantage of the poor. If the people are poor then what can a preacher take from them as the congregants actually have nothing in the first place?

“Besides preaching the gospel, I am involved in a number of private projects that have enabled me to acquire a lot of wealth.

“It amazes me that people think I live off the contributions of my church when in actual fact that money may contribute to the buying of my bread and eggs only.

“I have been blessed in my own capacity to the extent of being ‘listed’ on the London Stock Exchange not as UFIC but as Emmanuel Makandiwa.”

Makandiwa has an estimated mated net worth of us$150 million which he acquired through his many business ventures.

He also own shares in blue chip companies and is building a big church and mansion in Harare.