Popular comedian Mai Titi has forgiven her ex husband Tapiwa Mutikani who is popularly known as Baba Titi.

Mai Titi once blasted Taoiww for sending her RTGs70, which was equivalent of USD4 for the upkeep of their child.

She further caused a stir on social media when she accused Mutikani of infecting her with HIV and neglecting their child.

However, it seems like the comedian has forgiven Tapiwa.

In a post on Facebook, Mai Titi revealed that Tapiwa is a responsible man.

“Taimbonetsana nababa ava zvamunoona ndikaita bitter for a longtime. Because of what happened, he stayed out of our lives for a very longtime but oneday I told myself I should forgive and I did from that day he became a responsible man its good to see buddies get back together again. Forgiveness sets you free try it.
#Baba Titaldo,” posted Mai Titi.

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