Brighton Manunge, 33 based in Harare is appealing for help after developing blisters all over his body.

The father of three and also a motor mechanic by profession said he has lost hope as the condition started in 2017.

Narrating his four-year ordeal, Manunge said, “I am in day and night anguish with this illness, ndirikurwara vanhuwe veDenga ndibatsireyiwo. I am now hopeless.

“It just started after work as a motor mechanic; then after bath my body started itching. The itching developed into rush, from there up to today, this is the state that I am in.

“The severe pain somehow stopped after taking some tablets from clinics. I only went to Chitungwiza Hospital and some other small clinics.

The man added that when it gets hot the blisters get bigger and he also have a problem of swelling legs which then make him feel powerless.

“So I am desperately begging for anyone from this world to please treat this unknown disease or anyone who can help me with some financial assistance for my clinical check-ups because the pain only stops after taking tablets from clinics though they failed to completely treat it,” said Manunge.

“I need food and medication. I am now surviving from our Ushewekunze residential Good Samaritans’ handouts; worse I do not have my own house.

“Anyone willing to help me with anything, even a tip to get anyone who can try to treat me or help me, please, contact me on +263784128977/+263772512647.”