Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono has shed an astonishing 35kgs in 9 months after investing in a home gym and hiring the services of well-known personal trainer Kenny Murungweni.

Gono who also occasionally uses the services of a fitness trainer and Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa, says he is now putting on suits he used to wear 20 years ago.

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio, Gono said “My Weight-loss journey has been a long and consistent one. It’s just that I have been out of the public eye for a very long time so those seeing me today think that it’s been a miracle-Weight loss or an event… no”

Gono said he has been training everyday and the mutual addiction to the fitness cause is now legendary among his friends and family.

Gono would wake up at 5am, train for an hour, hence the weight loss has nothing to do with any economic challenges or anything.

“Its his mental strength, if he wants to lose weight, he will lose weight….kudos to him, great mental strength… his work ethic is out of this world.” Said Temba Mliswa

Gono meanwhile has advice for anyone seeking to start their own fitness journey;

“The starting point for anyone wanting to lose weight ought to be regular walking and running outside. Between September 2018 and February 2019, my wife and I walked/ran a combined total of about 1200 kms or an average of 10 kms a day 5 days a week.