Kennedy Mandaza, ZANU PF South Africa spokesman, told Gambakwe Media this afternoon that victory is certain for ZANU PF in 2023 and the party is now looking towards 2030.


Mandaza said the party is now only concerned about the percentage of the win, as they are targeting 5 Million voters.

Mandaza was speaking in Kempton Park after a 3 day course of party members on the party’s ideology.

Mandaza said the lectures were conducted by the Hebert Chitepo School Of Ideology through remote learning.

PG: You said this 3 day course is being delivered remotely by lecturer in Harare. What are the key components of this course?

KM: The key components of this course, include international relations. It includes the heritage and cultural studies, we go through the Zanu PF constitution and looking at the structures, the management, and we also look at how best we can improve our party.

We also look at the first and the second Chimurenga, the challenges that we met and what lessons we draw from them.

We are look at how we handle finances as a party. Critically, we want to fit in the national development strategy one document, and our party manifesto of 2018, so that we can fulfill the promises and wishes of the people as directed by the conferences, in the Congress that preceded the writing of the 2018 Party manifesto.


PG: Is ZANU-PF going to win in 2023 and what is going to happen after that?

KM: We are no longer talking about winning in 2023, we now are talking about what percentage are we going to win by.

Our wish is that we should by 2023, have 5 million voters.

And of these, we should be able to get all of them voting was in 2023.

We do not want to wipe the opposition, but we want to show their incapacity to fit into the political and economic narrative of the country.

PG: My final question : What is in it for someone who’s in the diaspora for them to join Zanu PF, and how can they go about it?

KM: First and foremost, Zimbabwe is our home. And that peace and unity prevails in Zimbabwe is to the benefit of all Zimbabweans, hence you have seen that since the coming in of the Second Republic, we have been preaching about peace, unity, and development.

We have moved from the politics of sloganeering, to the politics of the economy.

So that’s why we are saying Zanu PF is the conduit to to the economic development, the economic investment in Zimbabwe.

So the diasporans, they should take heed of this call, that we have been making all along, that this is the time that you should come and join Zanu PF, not only because it speaks to the wishes and desires of the people of Zimbabwe, but it is the party that has a proven history, both in the past and current that is working to make sure that Zimbabweans become an empowered and prosperous middle income society.

So, for those that are in diaspora. Here we are, Zanu PF. We are calling upon each and every individual to come and to join the party by visiting our offices, we’ll make the, the address of the offices known to all people in due course.

They  should not be left behind. This is the time. There is no other better party that can take us to Canaan!

PG: Thank you very much Mr. Kennedy Mandaza.


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