Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that the wife of popular Zimbabwean Prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa, survived an assassination attempt yesterday while traveling to Chegutu.

The incident, which happened in broad daylight, was witnessed by other motorists.

A police report was made at Norton Police station, who attended the scene.

According to part of the police statements:

Ruth Makandiwa, who is the wife of Emmanuel Makandiwa, was traveling with all her children on  Wednesday around 330pm from Harare, towards Chegutu.

After passing Norton, about a kilometre before the tollgate, a gold Jeep Grand Cherokee came speeding towards her vehicle in a one way dual lane ignoring hooters and warnings from other motorists.

Another car which had been observed following Ruth’s car was also involved in the incident.

The security team that travels with Ruth reported that a Ford Ranger with South African registration numbers was following them from kuwadzana.

After noticing the car, they stopped to give the Ranger a chance to pass, but the driver of the Ranger also stopped at a distance and once they started moving would reduce speed to remain behind them.

At the time when the Jeep was approaching Ruth’s car head on, the Ford ranger came and stayed adjacent to her car on the left before stopping in the middle of the road (white lane).

The security vehicle following behind skidded off the road to avoid hitting Ruth’s car and the Ford Ranger.

The Jeep then immediately sped off  and did not stop, while the Ranger made a U-turn and drove back to Norton, meaning it never crossed the tollgate.

The incident was shared in UFIC church whatsapp groups and has caused concern among the congregation.

Prophet Makandiwa went to the scene later in the evening with members of his security team.

Makandiwa and his family have been received death threats from unknown People and last month, Tafadzwa Makandiwa, a pastor at UFIC, was also involved in an accident after an ISUZU truck attempted to force him off the road in Shamva.

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