Prominent lawyer Alex Magaisa has slammed ED Mnangagwa’s regime for convicting Makomborero Haruzivishe for allegedly “inciting public violence” sometime in 2020.

Posting on twitter, Magaisa said details are still scant but “it was only a matter of time before the Mnangagwa regime started to convict & lock up political opponents. It will only get worse”.

Magaisa said this is the first conviction of an opposition official for “inciting public violence” however there is scant media attention to this significant milestone.

“But this case is just the start of a trend of more such convictions. Mugabe largely used arrests of activists as a scare tactic. ED goes the whole hog. He convicts & jails”, he wrote.

He added that convictions are meant to send a strong political message to activists as the colonial regime used similar strategies.

“Mnangagwa himself is an ex-con. He was tried & convicted as a young man, & spent years in a Rhodesian jail. It’s ironic that he is subjecting young political activists who are challenging his rule to the same vicious treatment”.