Mnangagwa’s Controversial Business Associate Alexander Zingman Released in DRC

Zimbabwe’s Honorary Consul to Belarus, Zingmab has been released from prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Zingman has been in custody for two weeks in DRC.

Zingman who is allegedly an arms dealer was arrested immediately after meeting Joseph Kabila, DRC’s former president whose relations with the president are reportedly tense.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson has defended Zingman saying there was nothing controversial about Zingman except for fabrications by the media.

Charamba slammed News Hawk on twitter.

“You guys invent controversies!!! There is nothing controversial about Mister Alexander Zingman. What was controversial was his arrest and detention in DRC, an action which the DRC President has since regretted. Incidentally, I hope you know Mister Zingman is also a holder of US,” tweeted Charamba.

In 2019 Alexander Zingman was reportedly at the centre of Zimbabwe’s US$58 million agricultural equipment deal with Belarus and a comprehensive US$350 million trade arrangement between the two countries.