The South Africa Military is being sued by yet another family after the shooting of a man, Molebatseng Dilebo (38) on July 4 2020 while enforcing the lockdown.

The City Press reports that a 27 year old soldier shot Dilebo while he was in a car with his pregnant fiancee and two other men.

Circumstances sorrounding the incident are that soldiers approached the car and Dibelo attempted to flee. He hit a soldier with the door of the car on his way out.

The soldier shot him as he tried to flee.

Dilebo’s mother, brother and two sisters filed papers in the Pretoria High Court demanding :

– R10 Million for each family member for shock, grief and trauma.

– R17 Million for the fiancee and R10 Million for the unborn child.

– R100 000 for funeral costs.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press Newspaper – 21 March 2021.