Norton legislator Temba Mliswa says it will be hard to fill the gap left by former finance minister Tendai Biti after being recalled from Parliament.

Posting on twitter, Mliswa said yesterday’s recalling of MPs was a sad day for him.

“As Public Accounts Committee Chair,
@BitiTendai was extremely proficient. Having been a former Minister of Finance, he was very knowledgeable. He was meticulous in his reports; it’ll be hard to fill the gap”, he said.

He said the Parly is losing brilliant minds at the expense of “politricks”.

“My question to Zimbabweans is, do you really have the Parly representation you want? One minute you choose your preferred candidate, the next they’re expelled”, he wrote.

He said come 2023 people should be wise enough to choose a party that will represent Zimbabweans interest.

“With @Kucaca1 gone, the Legal & Parliamentary Committee has lost an integral player. All the MPs lost yesterday were vibrant members who contributed immensely to Parly. If you follow the Hansard, they spoke with knowledge & detail & were diligent in their execution”

He with no by-elections, Parly is becoming a circus. Whether the absence of by-elections is founded on a fear of losing, in essence, “it’s just a delayed match as come 2023, people will vote for who they want to vote for; that can’t be suppressed”.