Self exiled professor Jonathan Moyo has tweeted that five of the former MDC officials who have joined Zanu PF are Mnangagwa’s clansmen.

Posting on twitter, Moyo they were lured to the ruling party by the Central Intelligence Organisation ( CIO).

He said the significance of the defections is that they show “Mnangagwa’s illegal and dirty clansmanship at State House”. Moyo tweeted:

“THE ETHNIC OPTICS around the list of “defectors”, lured from the MDC by the #CIO, tell an ugly tale of Mnangagwa’s illegal and dirty clansmanship at State House: Tongai Matutu, Lillian Timevous, Blessing Chebundo, James Makore and Obert Gutu; all homeboys and a homegirl. Awful!”.

This comes after Obert Gutu and James Makore joined a growing list of current and former MDC senior politicians turning to ZANU PF.