Former ZANU Pf minister and cousin to the late Robert Mugabe, Patrick Zhuwao, says the former Zimbabwe President was not from Malawi.

Zhuwawo said Mugabe was born the 3rd son and child of Gabriel Mugabe and Bona Mugabe nee Shonhiwa.

This comes after social media claims that Mugabe is a son to Gabriel Mutibili a migrant worker from Nyasaland.

He said it is a lie deliberately spread to distort the name Matibhiri who brought up Mugabe’s father Gabriel.

Gabriel Mugabe was a Gushungo of the Chidziva chieftaincy under Mambo Zvimba while Mbuya Bona was a MaGumbo who was born in Gutu but having origins in Musana.

Mugabe’s father was the son of Chatunga borne by Karigamombe of the Chidziva branch of the Gushungo Clan.

Young Constatine Karigamombe, one of Karigamombe’s sons & younger brother to Chatunga, was abducted by Ndebele raiders from Karigamombe’s Zvimba home in the 19th century.

Constatine Karigamombe was made a slave & assistant to one of King Lobengula’s generals. During his enslavement, he assimilated the Ndebele language, culture & mannerisms

He was so trusted that he eventually managed to escape and make his way back to his family in Zvimba. Having been abducted & enslaved by the Ndebele as a young boy, Constantine Karigamombe had Ndebele mannerism that his Karigamombe family gave him the nickname Matibhiri.

The Ndebele enslavement nickname is used by tribal politicians to distort reality,
Chatunga Karigamombe, who was the biological father of Gabriel Mugabe, died relatively young with a young family

Chatunga’s younger brother Constantine “Matibhiri” Karigamombe inherited Chatunga’s young widow & family. Gabriel Mugabe was brought up by his uncle Matibhiri

The only links Robert Gabriel Mugabe has with anyone of Malawian origin is through us his nephews.

It came about after his sister, my mother, married my father who came from Malawi via Mozambique

“I’m proudly of Malawian stock but the Mugabes are definitely not from Malawi”