Hopewell Chinono Slams Mnangagwa for Appointing Uebert Angel

The award winning independent journalist, Hopewell Chinono has criticised the President of Zimbabwe, Comrade Emmerson Mnangagwa for appointing Uebert Angel as the new Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large to the Americas and Europe for Zimbabwe.

The prominent journalist criticised the decision to appoint Uebert Angel as the pastor is on a list that Chinono labeled as a “list of crooks who bought degrees”.

“The fact that Mnangagwa’s new Envoy & Ambassador, Uebert Angel Mudzanire is on a list of crooks who bought degrees, or that when he says he has a degree from Edinburgh, he actually means Edinburgh Napier won’t bother Varashiki bcoz their regime is built on bogus stories and LIES!,” tweeted Chinono.

Meanwhile, Malawian prophet Shephered Bushiri celebrated the appointment of Angel.

“My heart is at it’s most excited today, especially because over four years ago, I was also given the diplomatic status by Malawi government,” posted Bushiri.

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