Only Photo Of Mugabe And His Late Son Nhamodzenyika Revealed

A rare photo of the first born son of the late former Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, and his wife Sally, has recently been making waves on social media.

Sally was the first wife of Mugabe, and the couple’s union was blessed with a son, whom they named Michael Nhamodzenyika Mugabe, who unfortunately, passed on, at a very tender age, as a result of health complications.

It was in Ghana, that Mugabe met his first wife, Sara Francisca Heyfron, whom he married in 1961, and she became known as Sally.

Sally was a twins, and she was teaching in Ghana’s western region, where Mugabe met and fell in love with her.

Nhamodzenyika was born on 27 September, 1966, and lived in Ghana, with his maternal relatives. However, at the age of just three, Michael , passed away in Ghana, due to malaria.

Below is the only known photo of Mugabe holding his newly born son, Nhamodzenyika.